Weird Woman on FB

My great-niece posted a picture of my brother and his wife on his birthday.

His sister-in-law TR said: nice photo

(It was a nice photo but me always seeing the odd in every thing said) Oh dear Jimmy Savile look alike. (And in fairness he does look like JS in the picture)

My niece said: that’s cruel they look lovely.

And indeed: they do (look lovely that is)

Re enter TR: Yes I agree if you cannot say something nice then shut up,(it is at this point she has lost any argument she was going to have. 'Shut up' is not nice) You don’t know Bob (I have never called him that in my 62 years his name is Robert) look at your self where you are in the equasion of life bob is my brother-in-law and I love him, and you are his brother and obviously don’t love him. ( I think this is a woman who coverts her sisters husband)

(I have never to my knowledge met this woman.)

Then she writes: I have worked for 15 years in academia and to put it bluntly academics have no heart (what has this to do with the price of fish) there is really no knowledge its all second hand what someone else has written its all bullshit your brother has more experience of real life than you ever will and yet you dare to judge him who are you to do this? (I wasnt judging him)

I am a bit confused, so I ask: Have we ever met?

And then: You seem to be missing something TR where did you put your sense of humour.

She says: I am afraid I lost it in academia for 15 years people seeking knowledge like you are so boring. bore you to death don’t realize real life is passing them by as Plato (I can only assume she mentioned Plato to impress me) says the real education in life is experience not knowledge, (I couldn’t find this one but in all seriousness I didn’t look too hard. I did however find “The most important part of education is proper training in the nursery.”) knowledge is second hand, research is always based on someone elses research, real intelligence is lifes experiences, i am spiritual, (spiritual? is that another word for fruitloop) in reiki and tai chi and think you are trapped in your mind,(I think she is tapped (sic) in her mind) and yet you judge others who you think arent your intellectual equal how dare you judge other people, we are all on our own journeys, and you shouldnt judge your brother have you walked in his shoes no and until you do you cannot judge him we are all on a journey love is the key at then end of the day love surpasses every boundary he is your brother:) and you should love him faults and allxx (At this point I thought FUCK OFF.)

(I thought it should be taken away from the post and I replied to her directly)
I said in a DM: You have no idea who I am What life experiences I have or even how much shit I have had in my life. You dont have the right to judge who I am and how I see things in my life. This is shown by your comments about Acedemia. I spent my life in the military, working on aeroplanes. I now work with boats. I am a writer, a fairly good writer but that has nothing to do with acedemia. Lighten up FFS

(I always know when I am on a winner when my co respondent copies my words)
So she replies: So me too you have no idea who I am or my life experiences or how much shit I have had in my life (I really dont care) you dont have the right to judge anyone least of all your brother (I don’t think I judged anyone) i teach tai chi and Reiki but you have the right to judge your brother hello been married three times life experienc e good tai chi reikie healing self development, military training so I have a nephew who works for Naasa who is normal has a wife and children and likes rock and roll, you have no idea too about me, i expect you will be narrow, my last husband was a 36 year old Muslim from Iran from whom I am sepearated from at the moment my choice and y our brother knows and accepts all that about me but do you (Sorry but this woman is totally fucked up)

I asked: Where have I judged you?

She said You are not there for y our brother that is why you have judged me because he is a lovely family guy and he is at the end of the day your brother! (I dont need her to tell me what a nice guy my brother is) the real education in life is experience not knowledge (repeated) whatever you are trying to seek is a weakness in you, (am I to assume that unless I sign up for feather tickling, standing like a statue or sucking rocks I am weak?) I teach Reiki and Tai Chi which is the road to who we really are,(fruitloop I knew it) you lighten up ffsxx blessings(She needs to learn reality)

(Well I am at a loss here because I have no idea WTF she is talking about other than I know she is talking bollox.) so I said: You are judging me again. I dont need you to tell me who/what my brother is. (I think this is fair comment to some one who I have never met) (And then I continued )I cant think why you have now told me that you teach Tai chi and reiki three times. Are you trying to impress me? Because if you are you failed.

She came back: bullshit you dont impress me that you are a brother you dont impress bob and jill (I dont know what my brother thinks about this) or me you are an ageing acadamic (Oh really) who is trying to prove something (on that she is right I am trying to prove I can live on £490 a month.) to whom end of the day it is you me me me good luck with the girlfriends the academic qualifcation which will make you feel big, end of the day you will be alone, face up to it are you a brother to your brother I think not you are all about yourself. shame on you (you see what I mean about being fucked in the head)

(I am still confused. Yes My comment might not have been the brightest thing I have ever said, but it was meant to be funny in my own way.)
So I said: You seem to mistake me for some one who gives a shit what you think. (which again I don’t think is unreasonable considering the attack on me by a stranger)

She then came back again: No I give a shit about your brother it is about what he thinks dont give a shit about you, you think you are an academic (I have never said I was an academic) believe me you are brain dead, the real education is in life (third repeat) not books, bet you are a right boring bstad in life good luck to you you dont deserve a brother like bob to be in your life

(So it was about here that I had had enough. Who is this bint? What do I owe her? Why should I be nice?)
I thought I had the answer: Put the bottle down you have had enough

She said: and that is the answer really (Ah I wasn’t wrong)

I thought I would give her an opportunity to recant and wrote: I thought so. When you have sobered up re-read what you have written and then you can apologise.

(I don't know what this womans problem is but I can guess. She has three failed marriages and she lost her job in "Academia" her life fell apart and she turned to smoke and mirrors to hide the pain. I dont ever want to meet her because women like that get slappy and I would hate to have punch her lights out which I would if she attacked me. I do attract some weirdos.)

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