Saturday, 23 April 2016


Sunshine, rain, ice, and snow.
In only an hour or two, I know
I do wish it would make up its mind.
So I can come and see you.

It’s difficult, as things go, to know just what to wear
And whether I should sport a hat to cover up my hair
I don’t want to arrive at yours, hair plastered to my skin
Beause if I looked bedraggled you might no let me in.

Shall I wear a trilby or will a bobble hat do.
A beret or a bowler or a hat like a Gnu.
What will people think of me?
More important what will you!

A trilby is too formal for that I do not care.
A bobble hat to casual and it will mess my hair.
A beanie or a rain hat will make me look a twat.
An umberella may well do, yes I can live with that.

Saturday, 19 March 2016


I have just had my dinner
and am sitting very still
Trying to decide
on my pudding if you will.

Shall I have the Cheese Cake
Or maybe Passion Tart?
A great big slice of Gataux
with cream to clog my heart.

Possibly an Eton Mess
No, we've had enough of that
Perhaps a Belgian Waffle
or a pud that wears a hat.

Honeycombe Sundae Cream
Or a steaming Treacle sponge
“Is that with custard, cream or Ice cream, Sir.”
“Yes” Life is just a dream

A bowl of triple Ice Cream
marsh mallows and a flake.
Or just a cup coffee, no
that will keep me awake

I know, I'll have my favourite
with cream and chocolate sauce.
What is that I hear you ask
why, profiteroles of course?