Monday, 10 August 2015

Phillip Henson RIP

My dear friend,
          I am so very sorry you didn’t get the last few months they promised you. Trish says you are at peace now and I hope that really is the case.
          I enjoyed the time we all spent together though such times were too few. Others might not understand but we both had similar thoughts on many things. We were well on our way to being the greatest of friends.
          I will miss your jokes and your portly persona. Never again will we meet up on the river and share a beer or two. I remember you introduced me to scallops October 2009 when I was on boat-about down the Thames and we hooked up at Desbourgh.
          I felt very much a part of your circle of friends when you invited me to your house while I was moored at Walton.
I am truly honoured that you wanted me to have the Waterman and I will cherish it.
          If there is an after life I feel sure we will meet up and sink a few beers together once again! It was an honour to pass time in your company, I shall remember Teddington with you and Trish last year fondly. I am glad we had that time.

goodbye dear friend.

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A Heron's View said...

A wonderful tribute Maffi.