Monday, 17 June 2013

Will I Ever Learn

Well back in nineteen sixty-nine I got married and things went fine
And I couldn’t wait to go home to my wife at night.
But after just one year, well I’d cry into my beer
Cause I didn’t wanna to go home and that ain’t right.

Well when seven years were gone I kinda struck out on my own
I couldn’t stand her moaning all the time
Ya’ see I had lots of pay and she would spend it every day
And all the bills she ran up I do decline.

Well I spent some time on my own while I built up my new home
It was a struggle I don’t mind telling you.
Then I met a pretty girl in her hair she had a curl.
Boy I was sold and married number two

Well we had some fun for a time, but then I laid it on the line
Get off your ass and go and get some work.
Well she rode off on her horse and got herself a divorce of course
And all the lady left me was my shirt.

Now I’m on my own again its been eight years maybe ten
And I got plans to stay here on my own
It’s taken me a while but my house is filled with style.
And this time I’ll be hangin’ on to my home.

Now don’t she look a pretty gal maybe I am ready now
I hope my luck will change around about here
Hey lady I would like to see if you could be my number three
Come on over and have yourself a beer.

(Stop playing and say )

Will I ever learn
Hell no its all part of the growin’


A Heron's View said...

Maffi you gave me a wry smile for which I thank you greatly.

Maffi said...

Thank you Sir