Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Ear Stabbing

True story, this actually happened.

I thought it was an odd thing to do at 47, getting my ear pierced, but someone bet me I wouldn’t do it. Well that was dumb, red rag to a bull an' all that. So I left the group I was with and found a jewellers upstairs. We were in Cribb’s Causeway. I sat in the chair waiting for the qualified ear stabber to get themselves ready. A small boy about 8/9 walked in to get his ear done too. He asked if I was having my ear done.

I said, “Yes.”

“You’re a bit old ain’cha mista,” he said rather cheekily.

“No,” says I, "Are you having yours done?"

"Yes," he said, "both."

Then came the ear stabber with the required equipment. He set up the tool to do the stabbing and as he pulled the trigger I screamed out loud. Arrrrgggghhh! I didn’t feel a thing. . . . . . . . . . but the boy did. He legged it followed closely by his mum. I apologised to the ear stabber for losing him a customer. He saw the funny side of it. The boy will be in his mid 20s now; I don’t supposed he ever got his ear pierced.

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Pogue Muhone said...

Fuckin briliant. My daughter is an ear stabber. She stabs othjer places too. If you are ever in Newtown Galway Ireland go into AWOL tattoos and tell em you want discount