Monday, 13 May 2013


There I was just
rummaging around,
finger up my nose,
a hand scratching my bum
Its a long held past time
rummaging for lumps of solid snot.
Mum says I shouldn’t do it,
one day my brain will cave in
But it is so annoying when
solid snot gets stuck
just out of reach
I wiggle my finger tip,
twist it round
and round
but the all illusive
snot ball
is nowhere
to be found.
My second knuckle
nearly gone, I’m just
scratching the back
of my eyeball, but
Wait a minute
what’s that I feel,
yes it is!
Lying prostate
under my brain
it’s no wonder I
can't think straight
its sticking all my
thoughts together.
Ah Gotcha!!!!!

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