Monday, 13 May 2013

A Soldiers Life

War is never futile if it is a just war.
A soldier’s life is never wasted if the soldier believes in why he is giving it.

A soldier's life.
It belongs to me it's mine.
I give it in defence of freedom.
I have considered the risk.
I am trained as best I can be.
Our enemy must be stopped at all costs.
If I help to defeat him I die not in vain,
but in glory
knowing I have served my country.
This is my choice.
Because of sacrifices made before
I can choose I have that right.
Do not decry my action.
Join me.
The alternative is unthinkable.
The freedom of my country
from tyranny and oppression
is worth my life.
It is all I have to give.
Freedom is not cheap.
Please do not waste it
decrying my sacrifice.

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