Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Mooring Bollard

The Mooring Bollard squat and round
by the lock side to be found.
Why it’s there I do not know,
like mushrooms they do seem to grow.
Black and white, three to a lock
they can trip, you get a shock.
An exercise in futility,
they’re no damn good to you or me.
Take them out the boaters say,
But BW will have their way.
We’ve started now so we will finish.
Oh, do get rid of them pretty soon-ish.
Three thousand pounds they cost to fit.
That’s a grand for every bit
of cast iron lump beside the locks.
We didn’t want these metal blocks.
Why is it that they do not listen?
To those that know the brickwork caisson.
They really should go run and hide.
They put them on the wrong bloody side!

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