Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Infernal Machine

Joseph came up to the King
He said I have a wondrous thing.
Its a bit square and sort of round.
I made it from things I have found.

It’s the very best of its kind
There is none better you will find
It’s quite expensive it cost a lot
I will swap it for some land, a plot.

The King said “Nay, I’ll not give you land
For that you must make one thousand
So Joseph feeling quite rejected
Went to his house and there reflected.

I know he said I’ll make a machine
And make a thousand for the king
So he set to with hammer and nails
And in the wood holes he did bore

He went out and bought some spanners
And carried them home in his panniers
He put them beside the nuts and bolts
On the shelf with hooks that hold

He cut and drilled all through the night
And filed metal shapes till they were right.
Then screwed together the bits and pieces
And glued them up with dog faeces.

Then next day his job was done.
His machine was grand, the only one
It hummed and whirred and went tick tock
And buzzed and clunked like a broken clock.

At the press of a button it spat out a block
That was square and sort of round
He pressed again out came another
And another and another and another

In fact it didn’t want to stop
It just made block after block after block
Very soon there were blocks every where
He had to stack them high in the air

The king was pleased he said so.
He had his thousand blocks to go.
Joseph got his piece of land
But that is where his blocks now stand

For the one thing that Jo forgot
Was a button that would make it stop
So on the Infernal Machine worked
And in it’s duty never shirked

But Joseph he just sat and pondered
About the blocks he had to wonder
He had more blocks than he could use
Won’t that machine just blow a fuse?

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