Tuesday, 16 April 2013


I could never be a party
To a spider eating pies
Or doggies munching cats
Much less horses wearing hats

A turtle dancing squares
Or a rigadoon from hares
A ladybird that buzzes
When it’s really not a bee

Does a Zebra wear pyjamas
Or a Tiger loving Llamas
Affect the way you see
The world you’re in.

Or should a Hippopotamus
Make love to a Rhinoceros
Or maybe Monkeys should
Stop climbing trees.

There are ants and Armadillos
Who seem to get lost in hedgerows
There’s a tree where wombats squat
And an Elefant who sneezes balls of snot

If you try to catch an eel
It is slippery to feel
And tomato soup is
Only served on Sunday

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Maffi said...

Had to repost this so Stars comment isnt here, Sorry.